UV-Map: Visualization of UV damages of the skin

skin damage

The ultraviolet component of the sunlight causes faster aging of the skin. The determination of the grade of sun damage, its evaluation and progress control are important parts of the skin status assessment.

Skin which is exposed to UV radiation suffers in particular from:
- Faster aging
- Uneven pigmentation
- Brown spots
- Leather-like appearance
- Wrinkle formation


UV Map helps identify and display hyperpigmentation by utilizing special image analysis algorithms. The resulting b/w image is compared side-by-side with the original color image, revealing the brown and red shades with enhanced contrast.

To make UV damage to the skin visible, UV Map converts the acquired color images in b/w images, without requiring additional UV camera equipment. The comparison of the original color image with the calculated b/w image aids the description of existing pigmentary abnormalities and skin status, allowing these to be better explained and communicated to the patient.