TrichoScan for hair analysis


The Perfect Tool for Hair Consultation: TrichoScan as Software Option for DermoGenius ultra

TrichoScan is a computer-aided method of determining hair density and hair root status and is best suited for progress monitoring in patients with alopecia. This is very important as the therapies for alopecia extend over a longer period of time and therapy success is usually only visible after a number of months.

TrichoScan helps to improve patients trust and allows an optimal therapy control.

hair clipping

The two approaches of TrichoScan

One approach (anagen mode) serves the immediate determination of number of hair, hair density, number and density of Velus versus Terminal hair. With the second approach (trichogram mode) the anagen/telogen ratio is also determined. Here the measurement image is acquired 2-3 days after hair clipping. 

To determine hair density an affected spot on the scalp is determined and the hair is clipped with a special electric hair clipper to an area of about 2cm². This is hardly visible if the spot is covered with surrounding hair.

The prepared spot is then colored with black hair dye and an image is acquired with the DermoScan camera hand piece. With the TrichoScan software module the image is analyzed and the relevant hair growth parameters are calculated.

image acquisition

These parameters (number of hair, hair density, number and density of Velus and Terminal hair) allow excellent monitoring of therapy and success. Hair clipping, colorization, image acquisition and measurement takes about 15-20 minutes. If the anagen/telogen ratio is to be determined, colorization, image acquisition and analysis are performed 2-3 days after clipping.

After a number of months the procedure is repeated to obtain comparison results in order to monitor therapy success objectively. The advantage of this method lies in the ease of use, quick imaging, lack of pain, reproducibility and the documentation of the results.