Total Body mapping with MoleExpertMacro

image comparison

MoleExpertMacro is an optional software module to identify newly appeared pigmented lesions and to evaluate changes of existing lesions by means of digital photo documentation.

Changes of existing pigmented lesions or the appearance of new lesions are important hints for the early recognition of melanoma. In patients with multiple pigmented lesions, follow-up examinations are difficult. Recognizing changes of size, shape and color of existing moles or identifying new moles is often difficult and time consuming. In a visual comparison of images of body parts, changes can be easily overlooked.

image comparison

MoleExpertMicro offers a practical solution for digital mole mapping. It aids the recognition of changed or new moles in follow-up images which have been taken under similar conditions (background, illumination, image region and angle). The recognition and evaluation of the moles is fully automatic.
The images to be compared are usually stored in the photo folder of the DermoGenius data base and can be called up in pairs to perform the macroscopic analysis with MoleExpertMacro. If required, MoleExpertMacro can also be used as a standalone analysis software.

MoleExpertMacro is especially useful in the care of patients with multiple moles, saving physician and patient the long examinations associated with traditional screening methods.
Of course results can be printed and given to the patients or can be stored digitally as PDF. This screening method enables an early recognition of melanoma but should always be combined with epiluminescence microscopy.