DermoGenius ultra image analysis

reveals what the eye cannot see

  • Skin cancer diagnosis without biopsy

  • Diagnosis and monitoring of skin lesions

  • Pain free and fast
DermoGenius ultra handpiece

Fast and accurate skin cancer diagnosis without the biopsy scars

VivoSight is a medical scanner used by dermatologists to diagnose the most common types of skin cancer. By placing the scanner against any suspicious marks on the skin, VivoSight “sees” under the skin using beams of light to create an image similar to the way that ultrasound uses sound waves. A scan with a VivoSight is painless and quick. Typically results can be discussed with the dermatologist immediately. This means the need for a biopsy (surgical removal of tissue) to reach a diagnosis is often eliminated, including the time required to obtain a result (up to a week).



Harnessing the power of light

VivoSight provides dermatologists a new tool to diagnose and make more informed decisions about the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC). It uses state-of-the-art technology to generate multiple beams of infrared light. This light, which is as safe to the skin as the light from a TV remote control, creates a detailed image of the tissue just below the skin surface.

Skin cancers reflect the light differently compared to normal skin, making them easy to see in the scan image. This enables a quick and accurate diagnosis.

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Examination procedure -

Instant diagnosis of skin cancer with a quick and painless scan

Have you been diagnosed or do you think you have non-melanoma skin cancer? This illustration shows you the typical procedure in a patient with a VivoSight exam.

A VivoSight scan only takes a few seconds. The procedure is non-invasive and therefore completely painless. Dermatologists receive information about the tissue beneath the surface of the skin so that they can make a more accurate diagnosis. The images are immediately available, which is particularly important when cancerous growth is detected. In this case, the treatment options can be discussed immediately.

Examining with a VivoSight scanner often eliminates the need for surgical removal of a tissue sample for analysis (biopsy). Fewer biopsies mean fewer scars, and this is beneficial in that non-melanoma skin cancer is often detected on the face and on the head. In addition, eliminates the stress of waiting for the results or through the repeated visits to the doctor.

Because a VivoSight scan is fast and reliable, a dermatologist can examine more suspicious lesions than if a biopsy were needed for each lesion. In this way, confidence grows in a careful investigation.


Frequently asked questions:

What is VivoSight used for?

VivoSight is used for diagnosing and monitoring the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC)

What is VivoSight?

VivoSight is a revolutionary, [hand-held] medical scanning device that non-invasively gives detailed images of the layers beneath the surface of the skin. This allows the dermatologist to better understand and “see” underneath the skin surface so that a more informed diagnosis can be made.

How does VivoSight work?

VivoSight works in a similar way to ultrasound, but uses light instead of sound to create a detailed image of the tissue just below the skin surface. The light is reflected differently by various skin structures so anomalies can be easily identified in the scan image.

Why are these images useful to my Dermatologist?

The additional information that a VivoSight scan provides allows a dermatologist to:

  • Diagnose the lesion
  • Decide on the best course of treatment
  • Monitor treatment progress
  • Confirm whether the treatment has been successful

How would a VivoSight Scan benefit me?

A VivoSight scan can help confirm a clinical diagnosis more accurately than by eye alone, often negating the need for a biopsy (surgical removal of a piece of tissue that is sent for microscopic analysis). The associated pain and scarring with biopsies can be avoided.

Is it safe?

Yes. VivoSight uses similar harmless light to that used by a TV remote control.

Is it painful?

No. VivoSight is completely non-invasive and painless.

How long does it take?

It takes around 30 seconds to scan a lesion. Scanning doesn’t require any special preparation or gels to be used. The dermatologist is usually able to review and discuss the results of the scan with you there and then.