Examination of hair with TrichoScan HD

TrichoScan HD

Hair analysis in HD-Ultra


Hair analysis in Full HD

TrichoScan is a computerized method to determine hair density and the status of hair roots of scalp hair. It calculates responses to treatment in patients with pattern alopecia, enables a precise follow up of hair densities and much more. This is especially important, as any therapy against hairloss extends over a longer period of time and the therapy success is mostly visible only after several months.
Up to now TrichoScan was available as add-on solution for various imaging systems, with different large areas to be analysed dependent on the used camera. Now you will get a system that delivers excellent high definition images and is functioning as a stand-alone solution. The handpiece incorporates a special 5 Megapixel camera which acquires standardised images from the scalp in HD-ultra resolution (2592x1944 pixels). The TrichoScan software is a sensitive tool to monitor hairloss and treatment response. With TrichoScan all important parameters of hairgrowth can now be measured.
As space requirement is minimal - TrichoScan is perfect for your consultation!

Image acquisition

Characteristics at a glance

  • Standardised Ultra-HD images (5MPixel HighRes)
  • Reproducible measurements
  • Exact follow up controls
  • Simple and fast image acquisition
  • Integrated database for image storage and analysis
  • Instant analysis of hair density
  • Instant detailed findings about treatment success
  • Painless exame and measure methods
  • Plug & Play with standard Windows PC
  • (XP/Vista/WIN 7/WIN 8))
  • No space requirements for extra PC or carts
camera handpiece

Ultra HD and ultra ergonomic

With the 5 MegaPixel HighRes camera  you reach an outstanding resolution of 2592 x 1944 Pixel. The weight of the camera handpiece is less than 200 g - this is extremely economical and user friendly. The USB 2.0 user interface allows unlimited mobility and versatile applications.