Software Options for DermoGenius ultra

  • Computer aided analysis of pigmented skin lesions
  • TotalBodyMapping
  • Hair analysis
  • Visualization of UV damage of the skin


comparison of two nevi
  • Evaluation of dermoscopic images
  • Information to dermoscopic criteria (according the ABCD rule) like size, symmetry, border of a lesion, color and structure
  • Calculation of the Digital Standardized Dermoscopic Pointvalue (DSDP)


nevi identification
  • Comparison of overview images (TotalBodyMapping)
  • Automatic recognition of moles
  • Automatic correlation of moles
  • Automatic recognition of changed or of newly developed moles


  • Determination of hair density and hair root status
  • Determination of anagen/telogen ratio
  • For optimal therapy control

UV Map

iamge comparison
  • Skin status assessment
  • Determination of the grade of sun damage
  • Display of hyperpigmentation