DermoScan X2

DermoScan X2 
Standardized, automated full-body documentation (TotalBodyMapping)

  • Simple to operate & time saving procedures
  • Automatic comparison of pigmentation marks
  • Fully integrated connection to the videodermoscopy system DermoGenius ultra for epiluminescent documentation of the nevi

Two fixed-position cameras

A single click produces two simultaneous photographs. No readjustment of the camera is necessary for a new patient or a change in the patient's position.

Time-saving procedure

A complete full-body status report (chest, back, sides) is quickly and automatically produced with just four clicks.

DermoScan X2 user interface


Simple and intuitive operation - including by touch screen - means significant savings in valuable time.

Automatic analysis

An analysis of pigmentation marks (old and/or changed nevi, inconspicuous nevi) is carried out automatically.

DermoScan X2 user interface

NEW: TotalBodyMapping with Polarization

Why polarization?

The surface of the skin reflects light, be it daylight or the flash of a camera. Conventional dermoscopes counteract this by using contact liquids and direct skin contact. As this is not possible for full-body images, polarization filters provide a great alternative.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reflection-free images
  • Saturated colours
  • Clear contrasts

Better images allow more precise analyses, which in turn lead to more reliable diagnoses and individually adapted treatments. This is equally true for skin cancer screenings and for cosmetic dermatology.


A complete full-body status report in a few seconds with just four clicks.

A comprehensive preventative approach to skin cancer requires regular monitoring of the whole skin. Changes in existing pigmentation marks or the appearance of new ones are important indicators for the early diagnosis of melanoma.

Regular monitoring can be difficult and time consuming, especially when patients have multiple melanocytic lesions. Changes in size, shape and colour of existing or newly emergent lesions often cannot be diagnosed reliably without technical tools. DermoScan X2 is a complete system for identifying newly emergent pigmentation marks and diagnosing changes in existing lesions, using digital photo-documentation.

It was developed to allow the easy taking of routine full-body photographs and is particularly suitable for documenting changes in pigmentation marks.

DermoScan X2 works with two fixed-position digital cameras (18 MP). No readjusting of the cameras is necessary after each photograph or for patients of different sizes.

Visualizing new or changed nevi:

The expert system DermoScan X2 automatically shows if and where new nevi have appeared since the last examination. DermoScan X2 compares the clinical photographs from the last examination with the current pictures. Every new or changed nevus is marked in colour and depicted in an enlarged photograph. The operation of the device is simple and intuitive, and can therefore be easily delegated.

In short: DermoScan X2 is ideally suited to the documentation of all kinds of dermatoses, and is the perfect supplement to light microscopy!

System components:

  • Trolley with high-end PC
  • 27-inch touchscreen monitor
  • Two fixed-position cameras (18 MPixel) for synchronized photographs (no readjustment of the cameras required after every photograph)
  • Professional studio flash for optimum and consistent illumination
  • DermoScan X2 software with integrated data-base