DermoGenius II
The handheld dermatoscope

Precision "Made in Germany"

control of nevi with DermoGenius

DermoGenius at a glance:

Examination with handheld dermatoscope DermoGenius II

Diopter correction

Easy focusing by turning the ocular.

Aspherical optics

The maximized diameter of the optics prevents fatigue, with or without the aid of glasses. At a patient and user-friendly distance you can see structures sharply and in detail without putting your eye directly to the ocular. The aspherical optics also deliver unique detailed resolution.

Illumination switch

The ergonomic shape of this hand-held magnifier enables intuitive operation of the illumination switch with just one hand.

Illumination unit

Super bright light diodes ensure maximum lighting conditions and image reproduction with high color fidelity.

Optional Add on

  • 8 mm cover plate adapter for inaccessible locations (e.g. between fingers, toes, nails)
  • Adapter with scale for measuring lesion size
  • Adapter without cover plate for clinical evaluation of elevated lesions
  • Photo adapter with 28 mm screw (no fig.) for use with digital cameras (models on request)
  • Charging and storage unit
Different adapter for DermoGenius II
Ladestation für DermoGenius II