DermoGenius 3 polarised
The classic - even better

The perfect symbiosis of form and function

control of nevi with DermoGenius

DermoGenius 3 at a glance:

  • Polarized / non-polarized
  • 10x magnification without edge distortion
  • Excellent achromatic optics
  • Diopter correction
  • Glare and reflection-free presentation
  • Excellent color reproduction and high-contrast details
  • Particularly bright premium LEDs for a high-resolution image in excellent quality
  • ELM attachments with magnetic lock (autoclavable)
  • Operation with standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • Low weight (< 200g), ergonomic design
Examination with handheld dermatoscope DermoGenius II

Diopter correction

Visual acuity correction by simply turning the eyepiece.

Presentation - sharp down to the last detail

The maximized diameter of the achromatic optics allows fatigue-free vision with and without glasses. In patient-friendly and user-friendly examination distance you recognize - even without being directly with the eye on the eyepiece - structures sharp and detailed.

Lighting switch and lighting unit

The ergonomically designed body of this hand-held magnifier allows intuitive operation with one hand. Particularly bright premium LEDs, which are specially protected by a special assembly concept, provide perfect illumination and color-true image reproduction over the entire product life.


Optional Add on

  • Adapter with scale for measuring lesions
  • Adapter 9mm for more difficult to access locations (e.g. interdigital)
  • Adapter without coverslip "Non-contact"
  • Loading and storage tray with charge status indicator