Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  DermoGenius II/basic:

Contact liquid?
For a good image quality we recommend the use of contact liquid between the skin and the cover glass when making examinations. Use only desinfecting spray with 70% isopropanol or normal tap water, do not use immersion oil!


Notes on the use of batteries and rechargeable batteries for DermoGenius II:
DermoGenius® can be operated either with standard Mignon (AA) batteries or with Mignon (AA ) rechargeable batteries. When using the charger supplied as an accessory, ensure that the rechargeable batteries are located in the device itself.


For use of rechargeable batteries - which type of batteries are necessary?
For use with rechargeable batteries, use only 2AA Mignon rechargeable batteries (2100 mAh). Ensure that you are using rechargeable batteries when using the charging unit, otherwise the device could be damaged.

Switch illumination on/off:
The LED illumination automatically switches off after approximately 5 minutes to save batteries.


Are there different models of DermoGenius in the market?

  • Yes, the precursor, DermoGenius basic (manufacturer Linos/Rodenstock) has 3 charging contacts on the dark lower housing.
  • The successor, DermoGenius II, has only 2 charging contacts on the dark lower housing.
  • DermoGenius II has a renewed optical and charging system, so that the use of commercially available Mignon AA batteries or rechargeable batteries now is possible.


Is it possible to use the old charging station for the new model?
No, because the contacts in the charging unit are different.


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DermoGenius II