Product Overview

DermoScan X2

A doctor performs a full-body examination with the DermoScan X2 system

The TotalBodyMapping system DermoScan X2 polarised: A complete full-body status report in a few seconds with just four clicks

DermoGenius ultra polarised

Image acquisition with DermoGenius ultra

Ultra-HD-Videodermoscopy with a 5 Megapixel camera: Simple handling and mobility with plug & play and USB2/USB3-interface for Windows based systems.

DermoGenius 3 polarised


The dermatoscope for daily screening on the patient. Polarized or non-polarized? The DermoGenius 3 masters both modes. The change takes place simply by pressing a push button. Together with the achromatic optics, 10-fold zoom and dioptric correction everything is on board for a glare- and reflex-free presentation.

Illuco IDS-1100

Image acquisition with Illuco IDS-1100

High quality pocket dermatoscope


Clip your Illuco IDS-1100 on your smart phone and take pictures for more precise and accurate analysis.

Derungs OPTICLUX Hand

Optilux at felt cover

More insight and effective, fatigue-free working:

OPTICLUX Hand’s biggest plus is its daylight-quality light field, its outstanding color rendering properties and its maintenance-free life cycle.

VivoSight OCT System

Image acquisition with DermoGenius ultra

Optische Kohärenztomographie (OCT):

Looking INTO skin for better results

  • Image-guided Mohs surgery
  • Cut only, where necessary
  • Preserve healthy tissue
  • Scans the margin of a lesion to find the true extension of the tumor


CryoPen model O

Cryosurgery – innovative and powerful: Direct and precise application designed to completely remove all benign skin lesions.

CryoPen emits a microjet of nitrous oxide (N₂O) under high pressure (50-55 bars), achieving in-tissue temperature of -89°C for complete tissue necrosis in seconds.


TrichoScan HD

Image acquisition for a trichogram

Hair analysis with the digital epiluminescence system TrichoScan HD for your hair consultation. For the determination of hair density and hair root status. It is best suited for progress monitoring in patients with alopecia.

Software options

software options

Software options for the videodermoscopy system DermoGenius ultra:

  • MoleExpertMicro (evaluation of dermoscopic images)
  • MoleExpertMacro (identification and evaluation of nevi)
  • TrichoScan (hair analysis)
  • UV Map (visualization of UV damages of the skin)